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Reaching Lucknow escorts sexual climax is an experience that many people have had. Although each one, in their own way. This is because tastes and preferences, as well as sensitivity vary. And it is there, in the latter, where synaesthetic orgasms come in. Such intense pleasure is capable of stimulating, in turn, another of the senses. That is to say, some people are able to see colours or even smell, hear or taste something specific at the moment of their ecstasy. Is it common? No, but it is possible.

The world of imagination, stimulation and arousal is one in which there is still much to explore. Mainly because it is a completely personal thing. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to sex. But it is true that there are some very sensitive people who, when they reach orgasm, are also stimulated and activate some of the other five senses.

Another way to experience and feel

The search for pleasure is a personal path that everyone must follow. Through interest, curiosity and experimentation. Both Lucknow escorts service sexually and in all other aspects of life. Besides, everyone experiences and enjoys everything in a completely different way.

In the case of synaesthetic orgasms, several senses are involved. Very few people, studies speak of 2% of the population, are able to feel this way. Perhaps reaching that explosion of pleasure and seeing, usually orange or blue colours.

It happens involuntarily, and those who experience it often feel lonely and even misunderstood. That is due to the few people with synaesthesia that exist. After all, the sexual partners they meet do not feel the same way.

Why do synaesthetic orgasms occur?

Unfortunately, Escort Service In Lucknow this is not something that can be trained or produced in a controlled way. This mixture of extra stimulation of the senses is mainly caused by an increased neural connection. This makes it possible to activate and intensify all sensations, leading to the well-known synaesthetic orgasms.

Regardless of what produces this stimulation of pleasure, people with synaesthesia report experiencing a lot of desire. But when they reach this explosion, this limit of satisfaction, they go into another state, a kind of trance. In this trance, they may experience mainly bluish or orange tones. However, they may experience other things related to other senses, such as smell or taste.

This kind of sensory experience is different for everyone. It can be a burst of bright colours, as at Carnival time like this moment of the year. Yet, it is also possible to see only one colour in a more or less intense way, a smell, a tasteā€¦

These are associations made by the brain, boosted by the high number of neural connections that make this high sensitivity a reality. But this does not mean that they can experience more pleasure, they simply feel it differently.

Synaesthetic orgasms or fetishes

The Call Girls In Lucknow world of desire is very wide. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Although to try to better understand those few people who are able to enjoy synaesthetic orgasms one could think about fetishes.

That is to say, when they reach climax it is like when others, for example, get excited when they see red lingerie, a black dress, etc. It is not just any kind of garment or thing. What starts that sensation of desire and pleasure is the visual set that is produced by the object, or the clothes in this case of that characteristic colour. No other colour will do, it has to be that one.

In this way, the colour is unintentionally associated with that sensation. Only people with synaesthesia take it to another level and are able to see that colour and form that image in their brain involuntarily, when they reach orgasm.

Carnival: perfect for synaesthetic orgasms?

In many parts of the Lucknow Call Girls world, a very special date is now being celebrated: Carnival. With greater or lesser intensity, it is a time when colour, music, joy and, of course, costumes and great outfits predominate. A perfect moment and a way to try to understand and get closer to the kind of sensations that can provoke synaesthetic orgasms. So why not take advantage of this Carnival?

After all, every day the ways of feeling and enjoying pleasure are becoming more and more varied. New practises, new terms, etc. are emerging all the time. That is why it is important to discover how wonderful diversity can be and to take advantage of it. So that, in the future, this 2% of the population and many other minorities who feel and experience differently can be better understood. In this way, all people will be able to enjoy themselves freely and fully. With no need for shame and taboos.