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It is well known fact that Call Girls In Lucknow sex is a pleasurable activity (in most cases). Cuddling, kissing, foreplay, before, during and after the act, form the perfect set of sensations that activate the brain’s reward system, bringing a wave of good vibrations. Maybe that’s why there are so many lovers of sex in the world.

When one hugs a loved one or eats tasty food, hormones of pleasure and happiness are released. And during the sexual act, the same ones are also liberated. So it’s no wonder that people want more of it.

It is just like eating white chocolate and then craving dark chocolate. Why choose between one type when you can have both?

High libido or sexual indulgence?

Having desire, wanting intimacy, experiencing new sensations, toys and different pleasures is completely normal and is part of healthy sexuality. Although sexual desire is very specific to each person, very unique and therefore uniquely expressed.

Beyond the fact that Lucknow call girls lovemaking is known to make people feel good in general, it helps them to better understand their bodies and increase self-esteem. An incredible combination of physical and emotional benefits!

But why can sexual desire vary so much from person to person? many ask, and the answer is as simple as it is complex.

Everyone is different, and internal personal factors come into play. These include: past traumas, personal references, hormone levels, level of physical activity, habits such as smoking and alcohol, menopause, erection problems, etc.

On the other hand, there are external factors that are often beyond anyone’s control. It’s the case of the current pandemic of Covid-19 worldwide. Something that nobody foresaw and which has clearly affected the sex life of a large part of the world’s population.

And while some people complain that their sex drive is lower than normal, many wonder whether they are lovers of sex.

5 signs that lovers of sex show

In reality, these are very subjective elements. So it is not easy to say exactly whether it is an addiction, an obsession or simply a case of a lover of Escort Service In Lucknow sex. After all, the context, age, personality and lifestyle of the individual have to be taken into account.

In fact, those who think that men are the most lovers of sex are wrong. Women’s libido is equally intense and, in some cases, even higher than their partners. But what are the signs of those who are lovers of sex?

1) High libido of lovers of sex

Every time is appropriate and every place is ideal! A voracious sexual appetite and high libido are often the tonic of lovers of sex.

2) Intense desire and fantasy

Their sexual Lucknow escorts service behaviour often reflects this: an intense desire and zero shame in indulging in all their most intimate fantasies. For lovers of sex, not doing something they want because of fear or shame is a waste of time, and they’re absolutely right!

3) Passion for pornography and the like

Lovers of sex often chase the flood of feel-good sensations derived from pleasure. That’s why they access whatever else is available for their enjoyment. For example, adult portals, erotic video chats, reading racy stories and so on.

4) Lovers of sex know and enjoy their own bodies

It is no news that the more resolute a person is, the better they do in bed. The main step when it comes to intimacy is to know one’s own body, the erogenous zones, and the points of greatest pleasure.

So, having clear preferences Lucknow escorts between the sheets, what is enjoyed and what is not, allows them to transmit it to their partner and, at the same time, facilitate the pleasure flow.

5) They set aside taboos

Lovers of sex know perfectly well that in order to fully enjoy pleasure, it is necessary to leave out of the bed (or the car, or the toilet, or the shower…) each and every one of the complexes, embarrassments, taboos and personal criticisms.

They know that for pleasure to be delightful, positive feelings of well-being, comfort, confidence and joy must be present, far beyond simple attraction and excitement.